Saturday, May 27, 2006

This week some videos for free download of Jezebele ! Each photo is a thumbnail - just click on each and you'll be taken to a different gallery with links to videos of this big boobs hotty ! I like Jezebele and especialy the videos - they are really hot and she loves making them all the time in all the crazy plazes you can think of :-)

So, have fun with Jezebele's videos and check also this hot new Blogs of cute teens for free:

  1. Ariel Rebel just started her website! On her Blog you'll enjoy tons of free pics and links to more hot stuff :-)
  2. Susie Tease is another hot girl! Just visit her Blog for really sexy stuff!
  3. Kori Kitten is a sweet and naive teen! She's so innocent and naughty :-)
  4. Jodi Cassidy is another hot babe you should see! She's natural and her website is an reality one!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

New pics of the horny Jezebele ! Enjoy this big boobs teen in the most sexyest photos you've ever seen of her! Just click on the phohotos and you'll get enough of this hot lips, sexy ass and wonderful breasts! Yeah - the boobs are the best part of Jezebele's body and I think they are almost more beautiful then the breasts of Mandy or Katie ! And if you are looking for even biger teen Boobs, then you should visit the Blog of Next Door Nikki or Want Wendy! But if you prefer not so naughty teens, but really naive and innocent ones, then go to the Blog of the Cute Karina , Teen Aspen or Teen Keera !

So, click on each pic and download all the free pics of this cute teen! I'll post new pics of Jezebele in a week or two, so bookmark and don't forget to come back soon for the new stuff!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Here are some new pics of the horny Jezebele! They are really hot, but Jezebele has actually more fun making videos then pics. So, the videos are even better! Check the links behind the pics and visit all the galleries. If you wanna enjoy the great videos, visit her big preview site - the link is at the bootom of the first post or take the free tour on Jezebele's official website. theer you'll find some free video samples.

If you like exotic and naughty girls, you'll also find interesting the blog of Alison Angel. Really great teen that has much fun staying in front of the camera ll day long! Another great sweetie is Jenny Heart - a hot babe with tons of free materials on her Blog! More horny girls ? - Go to the Blog of Jennie - she's such a naughty girl!
So, enjoy this cuties and don't forget to post a comment! Doesn't mater if you just wanna say "Hey, great Blog" or you have some other great links to share with us. come back in a couple of days for new updates.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Go to Jezebele's Official Site

This Blog is all about Jezebele - a cute Teen with huge boobs and charming smile. She isn't a professional model - the whole website project ist just for fun! So she's natural and there is no acting in her videos and photos. It's the real Jezebele what you'll find in all the meaterials. She likes making photos but the videos is what makes her happy. She loves to play with her body and toys in front of the camera. And ... sure enough - she's not not a virgin :-)

This Blog will present some free photos - each of them is a link to a gallery with more free samples and on the bottom there is a link to a whole Jezebele Preview site. There are planty of links to free videos and pics of Jezebele. Visit all them and decide on your own if she's sexy and cute or not. If you like or dislike Jezebele - write your apinion down - at the end of the Blog.